• Question: what are the benefits of being an engineer?

    Asked by AISHER MUSER to Bernerd, Erick, Joseph, Ken, Peter on 10 Jul 2017.
    • Photo: Joseph Olwendo

      Joseph Olwendo answered on 10 Jul 2017:

      the greatest benefit of an engineer is the open mindedness. they can always explore anything they find viable in their minds to pursue. this open mindedness makes engineers invent things every other day to solve our problems.

    • Photo: Bernerd Fulanda

      Bernerd Fulanda answered on 14 Jul 2017:

      Dear Aisher Muser
      Let me start by saying this: Engineering literally means “making things happen”. In a very basic sense, engineering is the practical application of science and mathematics to solve problems. Traditionally, engineering was about infrastructure, creating bridges and vehicles that got us from one location to another more efficiently.
      I will give 5 reasons why you should become an engineer and make things happen:-
      1. Unlike taking up a role in the financial world, the thing with being an engineer is that most of the work you do are tangible – bridges, buildings, products, etc, these are things you can see everyday once they’re done. The pride of being part of something great would bring you the job satisfaction you need to keep going.
      2. There are plenty of career opportunities for engineering graduates to look forward to. Engineering isn’t just a single course focused on a single industry
      3. Engineering is a field where you can see clearly your career path. With the transparent career progression, engineers do not have to worry a lot about how to advance their career, instead they can focus more on their work itself
      4. If there ever is any field that offers non-stop and ever-changing challenges, engineering is one of them. Every project is different so there will always be questions to answer, problems to solve, buildings to create, and formulas to figure so out you won’t have enough time to get bored
      5. Engineering is not just about logic but also about creativity. In an age where technology changes each minute, engineers need to think critically to discover new ideas, create new things, and come up with solutions to new problems brought about by the ever-changing technological landscape.